Nest Space - Conversations & Art [Promo]

A South Tipperary Positive Mental Health Festival Event

Art Hive in partnership with Cluain Training & Enterprise Centre have curated a creative space for all during Mental Health Week from 8 to 9 October at 27 -28 Mitchell St. (former Nest shop), Clonmel. 
Flyer pdf  link here

The Nest Space section of the South Tipperary Positive Mental Health Festival brochure, click on image for full pdf 

Omni Hive Redux - Culture night 2015 heads up

     Omni Hive Redux is a return the to Art Hives' first collaborative work, Omni Hive which incorporated each members' disciplines. This installation had only been previously exhibited once before at last years Culture Night. Now with the addition of two new members Regina Healy and Yvonne Patterson we have decided to exhibit this updated work once more in a new environment, in a radically different space.
     Omni Hive Redux features freshly remixed video including new 3d animation and collaged film footage as well as more images of group members's artworks and studio spaces which will be projected onto the ceramic and textile sculptures. An audio piece incorporating manipulated samples of bee noises recorded at aviaries by Dennis Ryan and excerpts from his father’s beekeeping demonstrations will be used to accompany the footage.

There will also be a group exhibition as well as ceramic & felting workshops for all ages (times tbc - see our Facebook event page).

Summer Exhibition '15

Messangers 2015, Brigid Teehan

Yvonne Patterson's vases

Felt dresses & dioramas by Violeta Pserackaite

Ceramic casts by Ian Mannion & Dennis Ryan