Lagganstown studio meal

To celebrate cleaning and moving into our new studio space, we decided to break bread there. Everyone brought something to share and a pleasant meal was had. We had a fire going in the grate that gave out little heat but more than compensated for that with a nice woody smoke. Indeed the fire tended to send more smoke into the room than up the chimney, giving the place a hazy atmosphere.

Culture Night @ Common Thread café

As part of a nationwide celebration of art & culture, Clonmels' Culture Night was held at the Common Thread café.

" I heart Culture" 
l-r: Aisling Egan, Brigid Teehan, Deirdre Delamere, Ian A Mannion, Dennis Ryan, Violeta Pserackaite

Newspaper Promo/no

We got a publicity piece written about us and our aims in Clonmels' local free newspaper, the South Tipp Today. Much kudos go to Bernie Commins for interviewing some of us and setting up a photo shoot.


However upon seeing the first two words of the headline, we winced. Calling the empty premises of potential landlords 'shabby shops' may well close more doors than it opens. 
    In fairness Bernie couldn't have been more helpful; she let us preview her article and approve it for publishing. There was a deadline of course, so it had to be a quick perusal. It's a great article that sets out our aims and what we have to offer clearly. If 'shabby shops' had been written in the report, it would have been set in the right context. As I understand the headline is usually written by someone else, apparently someone fond of a snappy bit of alliteration. Its a minor caveat but tis a pity all the same.

Lagganstown first studio open day

When Lagganstown held a community gathering to celebrate the restoration of the local handball alley next door to our studio we were invited to take part. We held our first studio open day to coincide with the festivities.

Aisling Egan, Brigid Teehan and Violeta Pserackaite ran workshops for local children. The kids were taught techniques in felting, sewing, clay moulding and got to take home pieces they made such as dreamcatchers.

Violeta's felting workshop

Aisling Egan mentoring local children in sewing
Many older visitors were former pupils of the school, who related to us colourful anecdotes of their experience there. Punitive discipline imposed by the teachers on them for rather slight misdemeanors featured quite often in their reminisces, though these were tempered with plenty of humor, even fondness.

Emer Lynch - Outside Junction Art Trail

Emer Lynch - Astound on corner of Market St, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
My escape view was pierced by webbed wires, sectioning the sky.
Poles and lamps that tower over humble me. I felt estranged but
spots of brightness in the clouds caught me. The sky gleams and
breathes between the valley of the buildings, crowning the shapes
beneath. To look beyond the blockades is joyous; the belly of an
endeavouring seagull glistens, wings pumping against the dazzling
presentation of infinite forget-me-not blue.

Emer Lynch 2009

Bewilder on corner of Emmet St & Market St, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
As they were too big for the space we had, Emer Lynch decided to display her large scale photographs on the street. With the help of Bill J Doyle and his drilling expertise she had them mounted at various locations around Clonmel town. She left a map at our Market Place gallery to pinpoint their locations around the town. The map has subsequently been recreated in google maps.

Bewilder on corner of Emmet St & Market St, facing Market St.
Emer Lynch's Stupefy on  Market St, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
Emer Lynch's Heavenly Hurt on Market St, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

Emer is heading off to pastures anew. She'll be showing at New York's Heller Gallery in The Post-Glass Video Festival 2010, more info on her and the show can be found in the how is this glass? blog here. We wish her well.

Interactive artwork 1 : Dead nature being revived

For the Junction Fringe Festival Exhibition Brigid Teehan decided to incorporate some shop display furniture to create an interactive piece. Gallery visitors were invited to draw and/or write on a revolving four-sided paper-covered tower. The following is from the blurb :

"It is a six day recording of a network of memories in response to the title ‘Dead nature being revived’. The theme is one of hope: that the possibilities of regeneration are limitless and out of destruction can come new life and growth.

Participants can choose to equally ignore the title and make whatever marks/images come to mind or react to others work on the paper tower."

Most participants chose the latter.

Junction Fringe Festival Exhibition

Flyer for event depicting each artists' work.

This pop-up exhibition was run in the fringe section of Clonmel's annual festival, the Junction Festival, a nine day long multi-disciplinary arts festival featuring modern theatre, dance, family spectacles, street theatre, rock, world music and trad. It was the 10th anniversary of the festival this year and while it has always had some visual art elements to it, it now included a gallery exhibition.
A disused commercial unit was made available to us. The venue this time was a former mobile phone shop in Market Place, Clonmel a couple of doors down from our 1st exhibtion space. As before it was arranged courtesy of Pat Quirke.

STAC Gallery Talk

On Saturday 19th June, several artists talked about the work they had on show. Invited artist Etaoin Holahan gave a short history of Endangered Studios, a group run on similar ethos to ours in Co. Kilkenny. This was followed by an open discussion on the creative uses for empty commercial spaces chaired by members of ArtHive. 

 Endangered Studios artist Etaoin Holahan with accompanying video projection.

Bill J Doyle talks about his metal sculpture Wilderness.

Brigid Teehan presents her installation Still Life: Shipton
Dennis Ryan talks about his ceramic piece Keep your Feet on the Ground.

Lagganstown Studio: A Profile

An antique filing cabinet contains an eclectic repository of visual imagery, most of it but not all 2D. 

David Best's work here seems to consist mainly of combined photo-etchings of medieval prints of anatomy, botany and architecture. Some have subsequently been painted on and/or collaged with items such as playing cards glued to them.