Partitioning the studio

Aisling Egan, Brigid Teehan, Dennis Ryan, Ian Mannion and Violeta Pserackaite all needed studio spaces. In order to delineate them we had partitions built.

View from Aisling Egan's space through to the print press room.

Each partition consists of two large mdf boards reinforced at top and bottom and braced at the corner by timber boards adjoined in T-formation for stability. Though they are heavy two people can move them easily enough should the size of the space need to be adjusted or something large and unwieldy has to be brought in.

Desk and cupboard separating Aisling Egan's and Brigid Teehan's space. 

The old schoolhouse is divided into two large rooms, one with a printing press and other equipment and storage facilities taking up a large amount of floor space, the other largely bare save for a lectern and a table. Dennis and Ian set up space in the print room, while Aisling, Brigid and Violeta took resident in the other. There was some debate over the positions of the partitions but a consensus was soon reached.

In the centre of her space, Brigid Teehan's latest piece of work.

View into Aisling Egan's space

Violeta Pserackaite's space