Post Tribute

Tribute to Oliver Mannion, collage of photocopies and architectural site maps (work in progress)
 The workspace was designed to facilitate a number of different mediums safely, being mindful that people could be bringing in materials which were very precious to them.
We also had a private space with comfy seating in case any one became distressed. We would like to thank the Listeners (bereavement counsellors) from St Mary's Pastoral Centre who made themselves available throughout the session.  

Printer/photocopier station. Above it on the wall are a selection of well-known poems associated with dealing with mortality.

During the event Art Hive members were on hand to help with creativity and ideas using the objects people had brought with them, in order that they would leave with a finished piece. The Art Hive artists provided most of the art materials from their own supplies, making sure there was a wide range of options. These included tissue, sugar, and tracing paper; coloured pencils, wax crayons, and paint; glue, scissors, erasers etc etc; wools and embroidery threads; sewing machines and photocopier (the photocopier was particularly useful, as it meant copies could be experimented with, even of three dimensional objects!)