National Drawing Day 2015

Still-life table

“I mostly dealt with children on the day. One activity I think was enjoyed by all who participated was having one child lie down on a large sheet of paper and another child outline them. They were then encouraged to fill in the details. Some would try doing a self portrait rather than the child they outlined, even tracing themselves in the first place. It was interesting to see how the different ages dealt with the task. The majority of participants were around the six year mark and they were very preoccupied with making realistic representations of them selves, ( all children chose to do self portraits rather than portraits of others). They really got into the finer details of representing the patterns on their clothes. There was one three year old sister of an older child who got very involved doing the outlines and then carefully filling in the details of the face commenting on the ears being important so she could hear music better. The mother remarked that it was the first representational drawing she had seen her daughter intentionally try. 

Later I myself tried outlining myself against a wall. That was a fun activity where I had to figure out when to let go of the pen to pass it over to my left hand to continue drawing the right arm. It got a bit more complex as the outlines of the feet were had to be drawn on a different plane.” - Regina Healy

National Drawing Day preparations

National Drawing Day 2015 upcoming

Promotional poster features several drawings by Laima Bujak, Regina Healy, Ian Mannion and various 
kids' scribbles as well as photos from the previous event held in the Showgrounds back in 2013.

FREE EVENT, Fun drawing workshops & activities for all ages. Updates can be viewed on our Facebook event page.