Foundation and Aims

   Even though there's a lot of artist groups with similar titles we chose to name our group Art Hive. Most of us are based in Clonmel the name of which is derived from the anglicisation of the Irish name Cluain Meala meaning "honey meadow" or "honey vale". It may be seen as a tenuous connection but it feels appropriate to us.
Indeed one of our members, Dennis Ryan has grown up in a  beekeeping household.

The main aims of Art Hive are as follows:

To create innovating and exciting spaces (pop-up shows in unused retail units, festivals, parks etc) in which artists can collaborate and develop their professional art practice while also engaging with established galleries that support contemporary art.

To offer a working studio space for contemporary artists in Tipperary and support art making.

To foster creativity and well being for the general public through organised activities ie workshops, talks and open studio days, etc.

To explore possibilities for new or additional studio arrangements that enhance the aims of Art Hive and benefit its members including partnerships and collaborations with other organisations.