Projection painting at the Solar space Cafe

My aim for the cafe was to direct a communal painting, to involve both volunteers & members of the public. I also wanted to see how successfully a computer drawing could be transcribed in the real world in this manner. I was allocated the back wall space in the gallery to do a mural.  During prep work I drilled & screwed in various large pieces of cardboard to the wall and coated it all in white primer.

When putting "solar space" into a search engine I found several depictions of a proposed satellite array of solar panels capable of harvesting the sun's energy 24/7. What caught my eye was that the frame of the array was hexagonal; a shape which I felt tied in with our honey-cone logo motif.

I made a simplified abstracted version of the solar panel array in a vector drawing format and had it printed onto acetate. This was laid on the projector. Once the projected image's size and placing on the wall were determined satisfactorily the acetate was sellotaped down and the projector's degree of magnification, its position and angle were marked off with masking tape in order to ensure the projection wasn't moved. Not only that the table's position and angle the projector rested on were marked off with masking tape as well. 

I outlined the drawing in charcoal. A table was set up with brushes and paints next to the wall. Some of the volunteers helped paint in the outlines prior to and during the first day of the festival.

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