Omni Hive - our Culture night 2014 show

Omni Hive, a pop-up exhibition curated by Art Hive was held in the old Nest shop on  27 Mitchel Street, Clonmel from 4 till 9pm.

l-r : Aisling Egan, Violeta Pserackaite, Ian Mannion, Dennis Ryan, Catherine Starling, Brigid Teehan
Participents included both the Art Hive group themselves (Catherine Starling, Ian Mannion, Dennis Ryan, Violeta Pserackaite, Laima Bujak) and guest artists Brigid Teehan, Lyn Mather and Aisling Egan. Exhibits were varied, covering a wide range of styles and mediums.

Omni Hive itself was the title of Art Hives' first collaborative work, incorporating each members' disciplines. It consisted of several suspended white textile panels woven and stitched by Catherine Starling and Violeta Pserackaite, with pale ceramic pieces hung in front on knotted string. Dennis Ryan a ceramicist, cast the pieces from everyday commercial packaging molds provided by Ian Mannion (an inspirational source for him).
l-r : Ian Mannion, Brigid Teehan, Lyn Mather & Arts Officer Melanie Scott
 A video composited from film footage and images of group member's art and studio spaces was projected onto the installation. A parade of imagery, of lights and shadows was created the public could walk through and interact with.

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